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CBM Records is a label constructed on the ideas put forth by our heroes at Capricorn Records. It's a label for the artists, offering distribution, artist development, publicity, tour management and production.

We are a label specializing in distribution and management, BUT we also handle artist development and production. We are a label a little different than those you see today as we see the importance of getting the artists to the next level. Basically we have several facets to us. We bring on artists under non-contractual obligations (we believe in showing what we can do, not saying it), and some stay with us under management, distribution or publicity. Basically we develop artists for the next level. Some come to us under only development or management, some come under us for all including distribution. Some we then sell to other larger labels and either move forward as their management team or stay in in support under publicity or whatever other need they have for us . Some stay with the family and move forward as a CBM Records label artist. We believe in a family approach and family atmosphere. Our artists are a complete part of a larger drive. EVERY artists on our label, is on our label because we believe in them, listen to them, and we are first and foremost a fan of their music ourselves. We handle everything from finding them booking, recording, videographers or anything else they need. We also produce shows, concerts and festivals. We are a label that prides in the old fashioned label works like Capricorn was, but forward thinking and technology driven. Our 20 plus years of experience brings a lot to the table for the artists we work with and most of our staff are or were musicians themselves.

CBM Records is not just a label offering distribution, we also offer development, management, publicity, and put on some of the best events in Atlanta and beyond. Through our distribution partners we are able to get artist's music out to well over 1500 plus online stores as well as in store placements. We also offer vinyl pressing, download cards, Rockband encoding and much more.

Ran by Kimberly James, a Georgia native with 20 plus years in the music industry, it's fast becoming a top label and management company with focus on artist development. We have a lot of fun here and the entire company works together as business partners and family to work for the better of the whole as well as the individual. All of our artists are already charting well, because we place such a high emphasis on promotion and being on the digital cutting edge. For our concerts, we do our best to keep our event costs down. Why? Because we know that the fan is what counts!

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Upcoming and New Releases
Legion X - New album hits this summer.
Love Thy Neighbor
Love Thy Neighbor Music
Maximus Out Soon!
Maximus on Facebook
Legion X Now on MTV!
The US debut of Luke Keating of Ireland
Love Thy Neighbor on the web
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CBM Records Signs New Band Winter Circle
CBM Records has signed Winter Circle out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You can read more about it in our news section here. You can also check out Winter Circle at
CBM Records owner Kimberly James asked back to Las Vegas for a second year to mentor for SXSW V2V!
It looks like the powers that be at SXSW like our owner Kimberly James. She has been asked back to SXSW V2V, a start up and tech conference hosted by SXSW, to mentor up and coming business owners. 

Last year was fun, so she expects this year to be the same. If you are going to be at SXSW and are interested in having a mentor session with Kimberly, you can follow this link:
Sign up for a mentor session from CBM Records owner Kimberly James at SXSW V2V
CBM Records Hip Hop, 
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R&B Record Label
Coming July 2014!
Winter Circle 
Ga Music Awards and Carolina Music Awards Compilation CDs 
Luke Keating
Luke Keating on Facebook
Click to download on iTunes
Click to download on iTunes
Allie Kay Band Plays Warped Tour

CBM Records to sponsor 20 time US Champion Lindsea Lumpkin